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SXPI Elected As Vice President College of BRAIEC


The founding ceremony of Belt and Road Alliance for Industry and Education Collaboration(BRAIEC) was held on June 9 in Ningbo, Zhejiang. Shaanxi Polytechnic Institute, as one of the leading college in industry and school collaboration in China, also being located near Xi’an,capital of Shaanxi province, which is the start of ancient Silk Road, was elected as the vice president college of BRAIEC. Ningbo Polytechnic, as the leading initiative college, was elected as the president college. The boarding presidents include one stated owned enterprise and five other higher vocational colleges in China. The newly founded BRAIEC is being committed to offer service for member colleges in fields of promoting international cooperation and communication, building platform for industry and college collaboration, international science and technology cooperation, human and culture exchange among Belt and Road countries.

Just after the BRAIEC founding ceremony, Belt and Road Industry and VET Collaboration Form was held, which attracted over 400 attendees includes leaders, experts and managements from VET and industries from China and the other world, especially from the Belt and Road countries. Ms. Zhang Xiaoyun, president of Shaanxi Polytechnic institute, was invited as one of the Chinese guests to the Q&A of the form.

The BRAIEC founding ceremony
Ms.Zhang Xiaoyun, President of SXPI, was invited as the guest to the Belt and Road Form

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