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Faculty Professional Development NZ Program Workshop Opened


The faculty professional development New Zealand program kicks off its two days domestic phase since 11st May. A brief opening ceremony was held with guests from Waikato Institute of Technology (Wintec) and administrators from Shaanxi Polytechnic institutes attended.

Prof. Yang Weijun, SXPI vice president, forwarded his welcome and appreciation to Tony O'Brien, Director of International Center, Dr. John Clayton, expert of the Model Program from New Zealand. He also forwarded his congratulations for the 13 teaching staffs for successfully entering the program after strict exam. He said that the faculty professional development New Zealand program is a great platform for SXPI teachers to broaden their international vision, improve their teaching capability and promote SXPI to be more internationalization. He hoped the NZ experts and Chinese teachers can work and cooperate well for a good result during the workshop.

Tony O'Brien, Director of International Center of Wintec,thanks SXPI hospitality and praised persons involved for the well organized workshop. He introduced the Sino-New Zealand education cooperation background, the sucessful ten SXPI English teachers teaching ability development program in last year. He said, Wintec pays much attention to the cooperation with SXPI and will try its best to carry out this year programs.

Dr. John Clayton, Ms. Geng Fanna and Guo Lina, representatives of Wintec and SXPI teachers, said they will work hard to make sure good result achieved during the workshop.The two days workshop is making foundation for the teachers before they go to Wintec for three months oversea studying. The 13 teachers will go to Wintec late this June.

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