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Exchange Students Enjoy Time in Taiwan, China


Wang Axiang,a sophomore studying Business English in SXPI is now experiencing an unique student life in Chienkuo Technology University in Taiwan after the 2017 Spring Festival. Here in Taiwan,a province of China, the way of studying English, the campus afte rschool activities and the beautiful seaside scenery deeply impress her and make her university life very colorful and enjoyable. Wang Axiang is one of seven SXPI students who are now studying in Taiwan for one semester as an exchange program between SXPI and its Taiwan partners.

Wang Axiang is also one of 88 students going to Taiwan for one semester exchange study since 2013after SXPI established its ties with universities in Taiwan. SXPI offers financial support to encourage its students to Taiwan, as well as other countries and regions to open their eyes and expericence different culture and life. Now, over 200 students have participated in SXPI different students exchange programs in Germany, the UK, Canada, Russia, Korea,Japan and Taiwan.

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